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BellaOnline, September 2007

By Angeles Fernández, BellaOnline's Spanish Language Editor.

Speekee, Spanish for children. Simply... ¡Fantástico!

With Speekee, a funny and easy-to-follow method, young children really learn Spanish.

I had the opportunity to try Speekee Spanish learning system with a little girl from Russia, who has been spending her summer time with my family, in Spain. At the time of her arrival to Spain, she did not speak any Spanish, and from the first episode she watched, results were (and still are) great! She learned vocabulary and expressions fast and, what's really good from my point of view, is that she never got bored as she watched every DVD several times, always asking: "¿Por favor?"

You may be wondering how Speekee works... The pack includes 3 DVDs, with 10 episodes, a bonus Spanish songs DVD, one audio-CD which includes some karaoke versions, and a guide for adults (in English), explaning step by step the main points included in every episode, vocabulary, English translations, and even extra activities ideas to practice what children have learn.

I found Speekee materials very complete, easy to use, and the method followed to teach Spanish to young children is effective from the very beginning.